Havana Block: The ingenuity of building

In his primitive phase, Man did not significantly transform his environment but limited himself to take what it offered him. Thus, the first “houses” were creations of nature: forests and caves. But this environment provided very precarious protection, so this distant ancestor was forced to build for himself structures that would provide the minimum security for his survival.
The starting point may have been merely practical. Persons need the protection of a home, as well as its beauty and comfort, which is why over the centuries, the building became not only a crucial task but also a means of artistic expression, which, using increasingly innovative and efficient techniques, emerged in practically all the cultures of the planet.
With the advent of modernity and its unstoppable technological progress, it became possible to satisfy the two facets of any construction project: functionality and aesthetics.
These works have been materialized through companies whose purpose is to meet demands ranging from the highest standard to the simplest and most economical offers, depending on how much the client is willing to invest.
At this point, the rich world of building fascinates both those in charge of work and those who commission it because the joy lies in seeing reflected that expression of satisfaction on the face of each client before a masterfully executed project. In the construction industry, each work becomes a unique production line, which begins with the investment in the land and the associated project and ends the day the last functional unit is sold.
Of course, the competition in the industry is becoming more and more exciting thanks to the diversity of materials to be used and the number of opponents that face each other in the arena, who set the world ranking in the field of construction very high.
Conclusion This is why a reliable image, customer management to create long-term relationships based on trust for a job well done, reflecting a better company image, and cost management play a key role; these are factors on which the final success depends greatly.
But the wind has not always blown in the construction industry’s sales. Throughout history, construction companies have faced the onslaught of challenging crises that have checked their performance on many occasions. And although the future of construction companies looks promising, as population growth statistics show, the ground to be covered is uncertain. Even though demand is rising, the industry faces significant challenges such as productivity, profitability, performance, labor, and sustainability.
Only companies that face these challenges will be prepared for significant growth, which translates into greater success. In short, construction companies have revolutionized the industry, reaching unsuspected levels of specialization based on essential keys to maintain their position in a market that repeats cycles of ups and downs. Because if one thing is clear, it is that human beings will never be able to do without this activity.

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